What is Petha

Petha = Pumpkin

Agra, the historic city of the Taj Mahal, one of the spectacular seven wonders of the world is also famous for its Petha. (A delicious Indian sweet).

Maintaining a century old tradition of petha making, Panchhi Petha Store remains in the forefront of the industry and has carved out for itself a special position by establishing itself as another landmark in the city of Taj. Over the years, we have innovated and created several new varieties of Petha and have also added various types of Namkeens and snacks to our range.

Today, Panchhi Petha products are made under most hygenic conditions and conform to strict quality control regimen. With a professional and systematic approach, our products are not only distributed in Agra, but throughout India and several other countries like USA, Canada, UK, and the middle-east.

PETHA - (Its Medicinal Value)

All petha products are highly recommended for :

  • Growing children.
  • Use during Jaundice (due to richness in Glucose and Mineral).
  • Regulating Blood Pressure.
  • During Summer season (to replenish the loss of vital body salts and minerals due to perspiration).
  • Heart patients in general. (and those recovering after Myo-cardial Infarction or Cardio-vascular surgery).
  • Nourishing the Brain and enhancing the nervous system.
  • Lactating mothers.